Why you should love your body as much as you love your plant(s).

1. Your plant is different. She’s golden.

You chose her from the rest of the plants in the shop because there is something uniquely beautiful about her.

2. Your plant needs care—so do you.

You water your plant, trim dead leaves, and always make sure to give her lots of sunlight. You give her the fundamental things that she needs because, well, she needs to live. You can’t expect your plant to blossom if she doesn’t get the things she needs to grow.

3. Some leaves can get yellow, but there is still hope in growth.

Yup, we all hate that feeling of seeing yellowing leaves, and losing hope that our plant won’t make it. But don’t worry; there is hope to get back up and let it recuperate.

4. Overwatering is a thing. Do your best to notice it and not do it.

You’re a plant mom that sometimes cares a tiny bit too much about your plants. Consequentially, you can overwater them and make them very unhappy. In the same way, if you fixate too much on your body, it can be detrimental to your physical and emotional health. Don’t take shortcuts, you (and your plants) need slow and steady growth.

5. Put her in the right pot, and watch her bloom.

Put her in the wrong pot, and she might wither. Your plant needs to feel like she is in a proper home. Trying to force a plant into a pot that doesn’t give her the things she needs can interrupt her blooming process. She needs to feel happy, confident, and healthy. To me, that means putting myself in things that make me feel comfortable and confident in my body. And let me tell you, I haven’t felt equally confident and comfortable in a pair of underwear since EVER. Thank you @trueandco for being a company that embraces the love and health of every BODY, and for focusing on things that make me feel proud to be me.


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