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What I learned about life as a designer this week.

These past 7 days have been an absolute world win for me to say the least. I thought it would be fun to create a sort of weekly round of post of highlights and things that I learned about the power of social networking.

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1. LinkedIn is King (or Queen)*

Ever since we have been advised to stay at home due to Covid, I have noticed that I take more time out of my day to check in on my linked in account. I started this year with only having approximately 250 connections, and I am now approaching the big 1k. Not only have I made connections with fellow students, but I have made invaluable connections with mentors, design legends, and potential future coworkers. LinkedIn is Quite possibly the most used social platform on my phone next to Instagram. I didn’t realize how crucial it was when sharing my blog posts as well as my different signs of growth as a designer in the industry. LinkedIn is such a powerful Tool, and If there’s anything I’ve learned it is that the sooner you begin your LinkedIn account and creating connections, the better.

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2. *but not everyone on LinkedIn is.

Although LinkedIn is an amazing platform for social networking in the career industries, my friend Vicky recently taught me about how Miss information also can easily travel on LinkedIn. In fact she has shown me different Twitter and Reddit accounts that call out people for plagiarism as well as Faking stories to get attention on their LinkedIn profiles. I think that this is a huge finding for me as an avid user of LinkedIn, to remember that fact checking is so important whenever in taking any and all kinds of information nowadays.

Panelists of Superposition x Vicky Vo’s Design Intern Check-In Panel

3. Community is everywhere

Speaking of LinkedIn, earlier this year I was able to connect with my great friend Vicky Vo. I initially met up with her as she graciously was providing portfolio reviews to students that wanted to succeed in the US QI product design industry. Little did I know that she is the biological cousin of one of my high school best friends. After meeting her then she recruited me Become a moderator for a special event that brought together different interns from tech companies to answer questions about their experiences. Through this design community of students, I was able to feel like a part of a community that I before didn’t understand due to COVID.

4. Opportunity is everywhere

In addition to communities that were organically formed during Covid, there was a pre-existing community that I am a part of called the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts). Due to the way that digital webinars have evolved, I recognize that I had never been as active in the design community as I am currently because of having to stay home. This week I had the pleasure of attending the AIGA portfolio festival. It is the first festival of theirs to be completely online, and I was able to make the most out of it by the opportunities I was given by them.

I was handpicked From more than 120 applicants to present my portfolio in front of a live webinar. To say the least, I was overwhelmed by the amount of encouragement and support that the design community—people who before then were strangers to me—gave so generously.

5. There are tech people on Tik Tok

It has been quite some time since I finally gave in to the TickTock wave. I decided to create an account and see what exactly people were raving about and honestly also curious about the user experience that has now captivated so many. Although in my opinion Most main stream TickTock videos are a level of cringe that one must get used to, I have also found that there are very niche TickTock influencers, including people who work in tech like current Google Intern, Angelica Song. Perhaps it is time for me to start creating content on here as well!

Angelica Song, Image by Business Insider

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6. Beautiful.ai is underrated and everyone should know about it

I’ve recently learned that ducks are a huge part of presenting as a designer. My dear friend Eli showed me this new site called beautiful.AI which is a web application much like Google slides That enables users to create beautiful presentations that are automatically animated and have beautiful assets to use. Are used this app for my presentation during the AIG a webinar, and people were amazed at how beautiful the slides were—Little did they know that using this application took me less time than what I would have taken to create the same presentation on google slides.

7. Stop. Look. Go.

To wrap this week up, I was scrambling to finish my math and symbol Liberal arts class homework. One of the tasks were to watch a Ted Talk by David Steindl-Rast that spoke about how grateful people are happy And how happy people are not necessarily grateful. Although this Ted Talk had nothing to do with design explicitly, I feel like it has open my eyes to a more sustainable way of viewing the things that are currently happening to me as a student and as a designer. It is important that I remember to stop And not rush everything in life, look around and take everything in and see things to be grateful for, and move forward with this attitude of gratitude in our days.

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Didn't your mother tell you that networking is good for you?

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