Graphic Design TLDR Weekly Round-Up

Curious on what’s been going on in the graphic design world lately? Here are this week’s round-ups of things that you should know that are going on in the graphic design industry.

  1. Should you be afraid about AI taking away your graphic design job?

Vasjen Katro on Behance

Remember that scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Charlie’s dad ends up getting his job of screwing toothpaste caps onto toothpaste tubes get automated and he loses all hope being replaced by a machine? Imagine that, but instead of being replaced by us, they may become our personal assistants. With AI, artists are now able to find ways to expedite their creative process through utilizing it when performing repetitive tasks such as intuitive research and achieving photorealistic affects.


2. Things you should know about Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser in his Manhattan studio in 2012. He brought wit, whimsy, narrative and skilled drawing to commercial art.Credit…Robert Wright for The New York Times

With the passing of the legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser on July 26th, 2020, he is arguably most known for the I ❤ NY branding. However, it’s important note that in his achievements are beyond this iconic brand in his 60+ year career in the graphic design industry. Here’s a round up of his 11 memorable projects by him.


3. Canva to open an Austin office

Canva small business user, photo provided by Canva

Canva, the Australian graphic design platform that has made graphic design more accessible than ever, is coming to the US. The company is now vaulted at over $6 billion, and despite COVID-19, there has been a significant increase in company activity. Learn more about whether or not you should apply to a job with them.


4. Materials science + graphic design = ?

So Youn Kim’s submission to the IIID Award competition looked at the creation of ruby-red glass.

In the developing fields of art and science, the interdisciplinary projects from these fields have been ever-growing. With a red glass whose tint changes with the temperature of glass material, So Youn “Alice” Kim creates a project which explores the impact of using graphic design/visual communication to spread the word of her scientific findings.


5. Artists protesting racial injustice

[Painting: “PREVAIL” by Michelle Robinson]

What more can artists do nowadays than to use their skills to their advantage in activism? With all the noice of Kanye West wanting to become president, I think it’s important to re-adjust our focus to important things that are still happening adjacent to these events. Here is a list of 10 artists that are creating work in their protest against racial injustice.


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