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Updated: Aug 12

Hello internet! I’m back with a new video, and a new and exciting passion project to feed my fulfillment as a video content creator.

My new video series, “Design Diaries” aims to focus/feature the following things:

  1. Showcasing my candid and vulnerable experience of a design student trying to get a job into the industry

  2. Inform and educate viewers about steps to help improve their chances of getting a job in the industry

  3. Create a community that has meaningful conversations about design.

As a design student, it is so easy to feel very lost while trying not to only process/learn design fundamentals from school and apply it to my own portfolio projects while trying to figure out my career path and how to stay sane during the process of internship and job applications. I’m hoping to that my users engage with the content through sharing and commenting, become empowered designers, and be able to educate themselves and others. I wished that I had someone’s experience to look up to while I was just starting out in college, and I hope that this will one day inspire a young designer t0-be in their journey.

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